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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 16, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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just a few hours ago, a lockout is official in the national hockey league. >> the lockout could have a major effect right here in the bay area. let's head right to san jose where tomas ramon is live right now with the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: the average attendance at sharks home games is more than 17,000 fans, that is how many customers san jose businesses won't see if this lockout cancels any games. >> over to the national hockey league lockout spread quickly. wasn't good news. adam manages the place.
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>> it's such a huge percentage of our finances downtown. >> and manager of brewing company and she hired 7 more employees she expected when the sharks begin playing. >> they are going to have to hold on and wait it out just like everybody else. it's going to hurt everybody. >> reporter: but for how long? this is fourth stoppage since 1992. they hope it doesn't last as long as it did in 2004. it the first time a stanley cup wasn't awarded in 93 years. >> it looks similar to 2004 but the fans' hopes is it not going to be same way. >> they say a long walkout could be disastrous to his restaurant? >> we are looking at over 60%, at least 60%. >> the specter of a walkout has
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been hanging for years. anputy deputy commissioner stated, it's fair to say there was no realistic expectation to avoid a lockout as developments on wednesday and thursday. >> sports analysts they don't believe it will last the entire season but it could cancel a good chunk of games. players' association informal talks are continuing. thank you for that report. we'll have more on the lockout coming up with in sports later this hour. >> two victims are recovering tonight after their apartment went up in flames. top floor of the two-story of the proposal have apartment building caught fire. a neighbor and two passerbys are being called heroes.
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>> they were two gentlemen, they live right next-door. they were sleeping. so thought they were going to die but one of guys from the houses i rented to, he actually went in and saved them. >> that is when a passerby jumped in to help. a neighbor took these photos after calling 911. it destroyed four apartment units and displaced four families. >> a fire broke out in downtown vallejo tonight. the blaze engulfed a vacant home on marin street and capitol. a neighbor says someone had been squatting in the home. firefighters brought it under control around 8:30 and no one was seriously hurt. >> a retired firefighters is missing somewhere between here and canada. 69-year-old charles dad was on his way to montreal to see his son. he left on wednesday on an
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amtrak train and was last heard on denver. they say he is on medication and may be confused. >> concern for safety workers overseas tonight. >> the state department is ordering to leave their posts in sudan and tunisia and in yemen they are calling more more attacks. >> here is more. >> police and military now guard the u.s. embassy compound and school damaged by angry protestors. they have ordered all nonessential government and family members to leave sudan and tunisia. they issued travel warnings because the threat of more violence. in pakistan protestors stomped on the u.s. flag as the wave of anger continued to spread, even down under. >> taliban released this video of the aftermath of a revenge
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attack on a base in afghanistan. two u.s. marines were killed. several others wounded and extensive property damage including six very expensive u.s. jets. >> security was beefed up in paris as protestors gathered outside there and in benghazi libyan teams begin investigating the consulate where chris stevens and three other americans were killed on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. they are en route to make their own investigation. the man believed to be behind the controversial film that fueled the anti-american outrage left his california home, was questioned by probation officers and released. federal officials are investigating his activities. july the 4th, 82nd airborne sergeant was wounded in afghanistan. he lost a leg and his arm and
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today some of his hometown friends put together a fund-raiser in his honor. sergio quintana has the story. >> friar tuck's pub is good place and there is special reason for the smiles. >> it's tremendous. >> are you surprised. >> i am. >> the man of the evening is 30-year-old monte bernardo. he was injured by a roadside bomb in afghanistan and in this event complete with raffle and pool tournament is to raise money for his continued recovery. >> the sergeant is couple months into his rehabilitation at walter reed medical center. his mom says he is makes a lot of progress the, considering the extent of his injuries from the blast. he spent most of the afternoon moving from table to table to support her son. of course, it was a shock to get
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the call from the army that he was injured in afghanistan. she was relieved when she first saw him at walter reed. >> we said, yeah, mom, first time you weren't late. oh, my god, his mind is okay. >> she now learning how to tw use two prosthetic legs and one arm. his rehabilitation may take a couple years, this group is showing a a lot of love and general ross it. >> there are more expenses as time goes on and that is what this is here. >> reporter: the plan is hold a fund-raiser like this every year and donate that money to other wounded warriors. there is memorial tonight near the site where a young boy was killed while riding in electric pocket bike. the it appears that he traveled in the path of a pickup truck. he was not wearing a helmet. driver is cooperating with
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police who say there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were involved in the collision. >> also in san jose, police are looking into how and why a car smashed into a home near the intersection of orange and maybury roads. it shows how far the car went into the home. the driver suffered minor injuries. two people in the home were not hurt. a former waitress has court date for serving up more than just food. she use towed work at the restaurant on bellum boulevard in san rafael until police detected she sold cocaine and meth eight times. she is expected to be arraigned on monday. >> and west nile virus in san jose, fogging is battling the worst breakout in five years. this is area that is covered. so far 92 cases if winning in california and the situation is.
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west nile have been reported so far this year. >> still ahead, crews close in on fire burning in southern california. >> and mess in san francisco after a water main burst. what it took to clean it up. >> and different kind of cleanup massive amount of degree debris picked up in the annual coastal cleanup. >> a bay area animal shelter needs your help. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it looks like cooler weather so the way.
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in southern california, firefighters are keeping a close eye on some hot spots to make sure a brush fire near the getty center art museum doesn't get any closer. it broke out yesterday and moved quickly upward toward the residential cul-de-sac near bellaire. the fire has charred about 90 acres so far. a water main break in san francisco, check this out. moments after the pipe burst the water pressure forced the concrete to lift sending water gushing down carolina street. city crews shut off the valves. no word on what caused the pipe to break. >> thousands of volunteers across the state, 320 tons of
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trash for the coastal cleanup. >> look at all this trash we picked up. >> dozens of people turned out to clean up along the river in san jose. they found out just about everything from christmas decorations to an old mailbox but it wasn't just in the south bay. there was another cleanup in daly city. >> reporter: the bags of trash kept on coming. >> sounds like there is still a lot in there. >> on this cleanup day, this was a first. volunteers were actually allowed access to a homeless camp that had been occupied for eight years. >> now that they are not here. >> armed with bags and gloves and trash grabbers hundreds ofvo clear eight years worth of grocery bags.
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>> clothes, tarp and trash. >> bottles of water and becoming as of stuff. >> you see the mound of trash. underneath that there is another mound of trash. it goes and goes. and 20 yards away there is still more trash. >> it was an overwhelming under taking. >> there was a lot of trash. we were surprised was. was. we didn't realize how deep it went into the ground. >> organizers found out the man who called this place home passed away. so they knew this would be no ordinary cleanup day. the usual task involves picking up trash along the beach and hillside. its leisurely day but doesn't require this kind of heavy lifting. >> amount of trash we are picking up here is equal what we do three years in the whole park and whole beach. >> moving the trash out was a
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massive project. volunteers formed an assembly line and passed bags up a half mile hill and eventually into these dumpsters. >> this is a lot. >> because there is so much trash left in that camp, organizers are planning a special cleanup day to finish the job next month. >> an animal shelter has to close for a few weeks and it needs your help to find homes. 32 cats and five dogs. they only have five days to find them new homes. after valley humane society is going to be replaced. >> in most cases that wouldn't be such a big deal but forus, it can get down the bacteria can
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collect. >> the shelter will close next thursday and reopen around the 1st of next month. >> you may be you made sleep dream campaign a huge success. hundreds of kids picked on out a new shoes and clothes and backpacks filled with school supplies. organizers sent us these photos. the number of donations doubled their expectations and thanks to your generosity more than 250 foster kids will start off the school year on the right foot. thank you very much for that. >> that is fantastic. leigh glaser is here checking out our weather. >> and we saw a lot of clear skies this afternoon and early evening but with our high definition east bay camera looking out towards the city you can see the vale of fog moving inland. we will look for overcast skies
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to start tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 hd has a pretty good indication of where the heaviest part of fog bank is well off the coast. all of that will be sliding toward the bay area. we are picking up a little bit near the golden gate bridge and live shot there, starting to move in over san francisco, ocean beach. the main wall of it is sitting off the coast. westerly winds is going to pick up. that is going to carry it right in the gate and through the bay overnight. here is a look for highs. mild inland 80 high in antioch. livermore reached 90. 91 in fairfield. 78 in san rafael. san francisco with plenty of sunshine, 76 degrees. right now we are 62 in fairfield. 52 in san francisco. 51 degrees in santa rosa. san jose, 59 degrees. here is a look at highlights.
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we'll look for fog developing coast and bay overnight. get ready for a cooler day near the coast and bay for your sunday afternoon and cooler weather pattern that will affect the entire bay area monday, tuesday and wednesday. temperatures tonight with the low clouds moving inland, quite cool in the north bay. mid to upper 40s expected there. overnight temperatures in the mid to low 50s. here is the setup. we have high pressure the past couple of days, temperatures inland near 90 degrees while a trough is developing. an area of low pressure to the northwest of us and it's going so slide south. as it does stronger onshore winds, more low clouds and fog and cooling trend for us beginning on sunday lasting until tuesday or wednesday. latter part of the workweek looks dry and warmer. we start off with the low clouds and fog, it peels back to the coast around lunchtime.
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50s coastside but the further east we'll get to the upper 80s to possibly low 90s. that will be the last day of this for the next several days as the cooler weather will start to move in. antioch, 99. santa rosa a comfortable 80 degrees. san francisco 64. 74 for palo alto. san jose, 76 degrees. 88 and cooler weather starts to move in tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the low 80s. low 70s around the bay. mid to upper 50s at the coast. then the first day of fall which is next saturday. >> talk to shu. major upset in college football tonight. >> it was the stefan taylor sho. down. taylor carried the team on his shoulders. stanford beat the
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stanford knocked off usc for the fourth straight year. usc strikes first. finds the end zone but had help from his linemen, 7-0 usc. stefan taylor, not known for speed. he is gone. 59 yards, taylor passes 3,000 career rushing yards. 156 rushing yards, tied at 7. trojans get it back. second touchdown at the half, 14-7 to jabs at the half. josh nunez, picks up a block, few tackles a and we have a tie
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game. 14-14 game. then in the fourth, 37 yards, nunez, 14 fore31. and fourth and 40. not going to happen. stanford wins, 21-14 your final. >> you talk about not worrying about other people's expectations. it's not just on winning. it's on how we play. if we can play our game and get them to play our game and get in the fourth quarter we'll have a chance to win. >> like i say, only thing, you only have to look at the schedule. they were next on the schedule and we had to win the game. >> buckeyes control the first half. braxton miller, 25-yard bullet. cal takes over in the third.
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bigelow, breaks two tackles, great balance. you are not going to catch it. that is great running. cal is down by 6. third down, miller, finds a wide open smith. he goes 72 yards. miller 16 for 32, 14 passes and valiant effort by cal but not enough, they lose 35-28. >> san jose state hosting colorado state. they pulled away to kyle who throws it to wide open taylor jones. he breaks a tackle. san jose state up 33-20. here a 51-yard strike to jones. san jose state now 2-1 with a 40-20 victory. >> and a's continue to roll. they handle the orioles for the second straight night with solid pitching and timely
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18 games left. a's are holding to the top wildcard spot. he got off to a slow start. nate gets all this one. solo shot and 2-0 lead. but the a's responded with a with five and see ya! oakland trailed 2-1. next batter, chris carter, sends one to the right field corner. josh reddick scores a's go to win 5-2 and hold a three game lead. giants and d'backs, pagan has a triple for the most in season with 13. zito on the mound and josh unloads on this one. that was only run zito allowed.
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he gets his 12th win in the season, buster posey, two-run shot. his 22nd of season. josh has won five of six. they lead the dodgers by 7 1/2 games. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. we'll have more on hockey league later on. >> a little boy to the rescue. >> three-year-old who helped save a man's life. what he
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good evening, i'm alan wang. >> and i'm baits.
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>> a neighbor and passerby are being credited after rescuing two people from an apartment fire. both men made it out safely but suffered minor burns. it displaced four families. >> a fire ripped through a home in downtown vallejo. it was on marin street and capitol. someone has been squatteding in that home and no one was seriously hurt. >> fogging for the west nile virus is under way in the east bay. this worst outbreak in five years. >> and they continue with the search for sierra lamar. the wednesday search has been postponed. a three-year-old boy is being called a hero tonight after his quick thinking helped saved a man's life. >> reporter: at some time strangers exchanged hugs and kisses tonight brought by heroics of this boy.
2:36 am
tie loan copeland who may have saved his aunt's life. >> i'm very happy. i'm very appreciative for what he did. >> little tyrone and his aunt was at playground when she begin to have a seizure. she was going in and out of consciousness but he didn't acts like a typical three-year-old. he ran across the park and was able to communicate to two complete strangers that his mimi as he called her needed help. >> he is make. he knew his name and address. he told us precisely what was wrong and where to go. >> they were outside their home when he came running up crying. he said.... >> i need help. >> but tyrone said much more. >> his exact words. she was laying there and she had
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a seizure and she didn't open her eyes. >> the women ran to the park and found her who had suffered seize nurse the past. paramedics took her to a local hospital. this boy had saved the day. >> i didn't think he would be able to do that. >> for his age, i'm very thankful. >> great kid. doctors say thanks to his help the little boy's aunt is going to be fine. >> a san francisco toddler is hoping a stranger can save his life. the two-year-old has a rare form of leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplanted before undergoing a third round of chemotherapy. you can see if you are match. start we dragon boat fest on mare island. two other drives are taking place. for more information go to
2:38 am and look under see it on tv. it's official, you now have to pay sales tax on online purchases. about 24 hours the so-called amazon law took effect. online retailers must charge 7-9% for state and online taxes. >> online taxes is all right for me. >> i'm not a big fan on taxing. >> i don't know. for the bigger good of the state of california, maybe taxing is right thing to do. >> state officials say the new law will bring as much in hundred million dollars from amazon purchases alone. >> it's not just the sales tax, overall it's getting more expensive to live in the bay area. according to the u.s. labor statistics, prices have increased from .6% from june to
2:39 am
august. most of the increase is by the cost of food that jumped 4.3%. the only decline in prices were education, communication and apparel. >> ford is recalling thousands of suvs. there are concerns that the fuel line could leak and cause a fire. so far there have been 12 leaks but no injuries reported. ford will notify owners to their car to a dealer for repairs. >> construction at sfo is causing some delays this weekend. crews are working through monday morning to extend runway and install new lighting. delays are likely for flights rivals during 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. it will shut down the weekend of september 21 and 28. >> still to come hottest spot in the world. why the u.s. owns that title. >> you talk on a cellphone and go on line but the f.b.i. can secretly obtain your records? "7 on your side", one company
2:40 am
challenges it. >> its race to the finish for floats in an unusual festival. we'll show you what it's all about coming up. >> and southern california today, a heat wave, l.a. is 103 degrees.
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here is something you don't think about when you talk to your cellphone. f.b.i. can order a company to
2:43 am
secretly handle over your private records. michael finney has the startling report. >> matthews zimmerman is an attorney with the san francisco based electronic frontier foundation. he is representing a phone company that was ordered by the f.b.i. to turn over somebody's records. >> the f.b.i. could be obtaining information about average citizens who actually have no connection to any national security investigation. >> zimmerman can't tell us the name of the company. that is government secret. he can't tell us whose records the f.b.i. wants because that is secret, too. >> and f.b.i. without any kind of court supervision can decide on its own it wants to target this american or that american. >> that is central question. in a court case quietly going on here in u.s. district court in san francisco. in a rare and potentially far reaching case, the unnamed phone company is challenging the
2:44 am
f.b.i.'s authority to secretly collect consumer's status. >> as far as we know this is second time has charged it. >> it centers on national security letters, federal laws including the patriot act allows the f.b.i. to use it to demand otstomer's records and then tell anybody about it. >> it keeps all of the information and justification for its investigation secret. >> f.b.i. doesn't need a subpoena or any court oversight only certify the information is relevant to a national security investigation. in court documents the justice department says counter terrorism investigations ordinarily must be carried out in secrecy if they are to succeed. court hearings themselves are secret. here is all we are allowed to see, mostly blacked out.
2:45 am
>> f.b.i. then blanks the data, 2011, blank. >> the f.b.i. used these long ago but after 9/11 they fired off an estimated 300,000 in the past nine years. the f.b.i. obtained names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and billing records. nonk knows who got them or why. >> the information that we have, there is a lot of privacy concerns. >> as professor jennifer granet center for internet and society. she says no one has shown proof they have weeded out terrorists and they f.b.i. can potentially target innocent americans. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been swept into this net. that means that if it is not you it could be somebody you know. >> the f.b.i. and justice department declined to comment on this report but the justice department has filed its own suited saying the phone company
2:46 am
is endangering national security. the f.b.i. continues to need the information requested in the nsl to further an ongoing national security investigation. moreover, disclosure of the contents of the nsl may result in a danger to the national security of the united states. >> people feel they have an expectation of privacy that the government will not track them. >> we're hoping that the court agrees with us. >> the case now rests with u.s. district judge in san francisco. a ruling is expected any day. f.b.i. would not discuss who it may be targeting in this area who are or whether these demands for records have caught any terrorists. we'll be reporting back on how the court rules. >> if you are looking for the hottest place on earth, you don't have to go very far. death valley national park holds the record.
2:47 am
134 degree temperature was recorded back in 1913. previously researchers said the record was set back in 1922 in libya. but they say that temperature was recorded incorrectly. >> we are so hot. let's go to leigh glaser. >> it is hot in l.a. as i mentioned 103 degrees. long beach, 103, as well. so it's not like a little cooling there. expected high in l.a., 91 tomorrow and hot in palm springs 102 as you work your way north, fresno 101. you see so the fog bank and that will have cool the coastal communities. and we'll look for sacramento, 93 degrees, tahoe a comfortable 75. elsewhere, almost fall like especially through the great lakes. chicago 81 and 74 tomorrow with sunshine for new york city. southern states will deal with
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moderate rain. atlanta, 85 degrees and heavy rain, possibly a thunderstorm there. 88 degrees. 79 for dallas and hundred for phoenix. here is our day planner for your sunday. it will be a cool start with inland temperatures tomorrow morning, near the coast and mid to upper 40s. 50s elsewhere and then we will look for temperatures warming gradually and upper 70s inland and 60s around the bay. 50s around the coast. sunny mild day but temperatures are warming to the upper 80s. mid to upper 70s around the bay. 50s around the coast and then the breezes will come in around 7:00 and that is when we'll start to cool things off. seven-day forecast, get ready for cooler temperatures, tuesday and wednesday. inland highs mid to low 80s and then we'll warm things back in the latter part of the workweek. >> japan celebrated a 400-year-old festival at full speed.
2:49 am
>> this is the festival where floats race through the city streets at break neck speeds. the floats are over 12 feet high and takes quite a balancing act to stay on top of them. festival was first to pray for good crops and now just for fun. before you know it it could be an picked sported. >> and let's find out what is going on in hockey. >> national hockey league owners locked out the
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earlier tonight national hockey league owners locked out their players. contract ix peered at 9:00 with no agreement with new collective bargaining agreement. sharks were slated to open training camp on friday, but they will spend more time on the golf course than the ice rink. we caught up with players in the golf classic where they expressed their dissatisfaction and empathy for the fans. >> we want hockey as bad as they
2:53 am
do. first and foremost, i call myself a fan of sports. i probably watch sports probably most than people. i love playing the game of hockey. we want to play as well. >> stay tuned. >> and college football, we'll start off with the upset. stanford, knocked off usc for the fourth straight year. quarterback came back for the senior year and beaten every team in the pac-12 and not stanford. finds the end zone, a little help from his linemen, 7-0 usc but stefan taylor, check out the move. he has got game. 156 yards in the game. we're tied at 7 but they get it back. second touchdown of the half, third quarter, nunez screen pass
2:54 am
to taylor, picks up a few blocks breaks a tackle and we have a tie game. 14 all. then in the fourth, nunez, gets by the defense, dives in the end zone, 37 yards. nunez, two tds, 21-14. late in the fourth, last call, it's incomplete. stanford beats usc for the fourth time, 21-14 the final. >> our expectations isn't just on winning, it's on how we play. the key is if we can play our game and get them to play our game and get in the fourth quarter we'll have a chance to win. >> like i say, the only thing, we look at the schedule and they were next up and we had to win this game. >> cal visiting ohio state for the first time in 40 years.
2:55 am
here th one to smith. 27 buckeyes at the break. brendan bigelow, he is fast. 81 yards for the touchdown. cal down 12--14. miller is wide open to smith. 72 yards, four td passes, they beat cal, 35-28 your final. >> san jose state hosting colorado state, full delay in the fourth reverse and throws to stanley jones. he breaks a tackle and goes 43 yards. 33-20. san jose state improves to 2-1 and 40-20 their tha final. >> a's are holding on to top wildcard spot hosting the
2:56 am
orioles. looking to keep the ees on top with a wildcard. see ya! and they grab 2-0 lead. but a's respond. steven drew that is gone. oakland traild trails 2-1. next batter, that would be chris carter sends one to the right field corner, they go to win 5-2 and trails texas by two games in the american league west. giants and d-backs, pagan a new franchise record for triples. 13 this season. zito on the hill for the g-men. he unloads this one but that was the only run zito allowed. in the fifth, buster posey got to be the mvp, two-run shot. giants have won five of the last
2:57 am
six and lead the dodgers by 7 1/2 games. i'm done. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much for joining us. that is it for this edition. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm alan wang. abc news continues tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> thank you so much for joining us. have a great night.
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